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I just bought a gts250. Runs great. Only problem I'm seeing that people are running crysis with ease with a 9600. My card is having problems on the natural mode for that game. I have a be2350 athlon 64 x2 processor. Could this be my problem? Im in the process of building a new computer right now I just want to know if its my card or processor
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  1. ^ The GTS 250 is a very good card...
    And at what resolution do you game ? And Yes that CPU is very weak for gaming...
  2. I game at 1440 x 900. I looked into overclocking my cpu but my bios wont let me. Im in the process of building a new computer. Asus p7p55d pro mb with Intel Core i5 750 process. It has sli, but i didnt know if that card was going to be good enough because I couldnt even run crysis at higher settings. If this is a good buying option Im thinking of doing a trade up on the 250 and getting one of the new 300 series coming out soon if its within the trade up days.
  3. Your CPU is the bottleneck.
  4. Like I said the CPU is the main bottleneck...And as for running Crysis @ that resolution, you would have to turn down the details a little bit...
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