HELP.. no display after replace GPU..

hi.. i just replaced my spare pc with an older gpu(7600gt) i used. but after i replace it the fan on the gpu works and there is heat too. everything is running normally but the problem is that theres no display. my monitor shows a black screen. there is signal but no display.. why? is there a possibility tat the psu is not powerful enough? my psu is 300w.
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  1. ok the psu shouldnt be the problem replace the gpu with the better one then change the setup to 800x600 or 600x480 or something small like that then try again with the older one
    ps are the two cards from the same company like ati or nvidia?
  2. ya they and from the same company. both nvidia.
    how do i even change the settings when theres no display? when i change back to the previous card theres display.
  3. is your mobo has an integrated graphics? if so, disable it first in bios and put your video output to pci.
  4. already disabled. its just tat i put in tat gpu no display.. i put back previous got display again.
  5. have you set the default video output in bios to pci?
  6. you said your old gpu had no display
    tell me which cards you have and what 1 doesnt work
  7. 7600gs
  8. OK SO PUT THE 1 THAT DOES WORK opps caps and do what i said b4

    i supposed u check the cable was connected in right?
  9. theres no cable for 7600gs. and changing resolution doesnt hlp -.-
  10. ok then so did u check the bios settings? for video display
  11. therz not much setting in the bios. and thers no display when i put in the 7600.. so i cant do anything to try.
  12. Same problem here.Recently bought MSI 9500GT MD1G OC/D2.Cards fan is working and everything is normal but monitor goes blank (black) when I start.

    This is my card :
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