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Hey! Do you think this is a good deal? Or should I try to get dual channel?
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    Isn't a good deal. Have CL9 and the recomended for DDR3 is CL7 or CL8.
  2. Well, you need check the CL and voltage of the memory. Also, personally, is better buy the RAM from sites like
  3. I know.. it's just I only have $160 and I'm planning to spend $57 of that on a CPU.


    Then $40-50 on a case.


    Then I want to have some money in case something goes wrong. Here is my build:

    Optical Drives: 2 Philips DVD Optical Drives - Free
    HDD: 250 GB Samsung SATA HDD - Free
    160 GB Seagate Barracuda SATA HDD - Free
    PSU: Antec Neopower 550 Watt - Free
    GPU: Radeon X1950 Pro - Free
    Radeon X1900 - Free
    MOBO: ASUS M4A785TD-M EVO - $75 (Got a sweet deal)
    CPU: AM3 Athlon II X2 240 2.8GHz - $50 (sweet deal ;))
    RAM: It's a mystery
    Case: RAIDMAX Hurricane ATX-248WB - $40

    So, I still need to spend $90, so I'll have about $70 left over... wow I should find 4gb for that price!
  4. Like I personal advice, don't spend your money now. Save a little more and build the rig in a future months.
  5. What's wrong with it now?
  6. The GPU isn't good for the rig. And with a little more money you can get a good rig, with a quad-core and a 5770
  7. True... just to let you know where I'm coming from:

    1) I am using this machine for maybe some light gaming - older games, and mostly internet.
    2) The GPUs were free. I was not planning on upgrading at all, my dad just gave them to me. And I'll crossfire.
    3) I don't think I need a quad core.
  8. a 5770 is ~$160?!

    I can get a quad-core out of this:

    And it's only $72... I can unlock the 4th core because the most helpful review has the same MOBO as me!
  9. So, the rig isn't for play the last games?
  10. Yes, that is right.
  11. Ok, this

    Looks like a good RAM for your system.
  12. I agree on the purchase saint19 offered on the RAM. But personally I HIGHLYYY recommend you save your money to get the parts you need without the hassle. buying cheap parts off ebay will give u nothing but grief.

    Your best bet is to grow a little bit of patience, save for a bit longer, and buy your parts off newegg so you are insured quality. Remember that patience is golden, and the longer you wait, the more money you will save. Computer parts' prices drop FAST. waiting even a month can save you a lot of money.
  13. Umm I have everything but RAM. I know I can wait and the prices will drop, but right now, I want to gather all my parts in case something doesn't work, so I can fix what is wrong before it's too late.
  14. Good, purchase your components and enjoy your rig.
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