Need a nice MOBO for OC

will i need a MOBO to overclook will ill be useing 2500k core i5 so yah i want to OC to 4.x GH.z something

mobo's im thinking of ? G1.Sniper2 to expansive O_O argh but got some nice stuff i like like E2100 big foot killer :P but if i can fiend a better mobo for heat and OC and $ that be much better and i can pay 360 max for mobo so yah

srry for bad ENG LOL
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  1. any p67 or z68 board will be able to get a 2500k to 4.X ghz. Its only when you start approaching the 5ghz and over that you may want a better mobo. IMO its not worth the extra $150 in motherboard cost for 0.5ghz, not to mention some serious cooling solutions you would require to get to 5ghz+, think watercooling. There are better ways to spend money to get more performance imo. like a better gfx card, PSU or SSD. List your full specs of the intended setup and what it will be used for. The asrock extreme 3 gen 3 is a nice board, not a bad OC'er and its cheap, leaving you to spend money on other things.
  2. core i5 2500k
    SSD 64gb
    HHD 1TB
    crosair 1200W 80plus gold
    EVGA GTX590
    crosair vengance 4+4gb ram=8
    crosair 800d case
    need a good spu cooler also since u sied water cool i took the air out of the list imo
    MOBO non -_-
  3. gigabyte FTW im used to it and i builded a pc be for useing it so i dont F up ill pick up the GA-Z68X-UD7-B3 much better then the sniper but no big foot killer :( but i can allways buy it L8ter :P
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