My games are low fps... with Good Spec!

Recently i got a new graphic card 9600gt PNY verto, and my old one was 7600gs, before i had absolutly no problem playing any of the regular games, WoW,CSS,Empire total war.
But recently with new card i cant even play those games with low graphic! my fps is always below 20-30

PNY 9600 GT Graphic card (updated)
3.5 gb Ram
4800 AMD 64 Single core
250gb hardrive
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  1. oh and just to add a fact, some guy told me that if the graphic card is too hot, u should fix that, soo i got Rivatune and increased Fan speed..
  2. which driver are you using

    how hot is it, what does it idle @
  3. Have you ever thought abt CPU upgrade?
  4. Hmm one common issue is drivers, so update them. If it still doesnt solve the problem with the heat/low FPS, then you may have gotten a defective card.
  5. Make sure the power cable is plugged into the video card.
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