On the advice of a previous post I updated my processer, and yes i have noticed a major difference, but if i replace my Geforce 9500gt 1GB with a HD4870 1GB will i notice a difference, i.e will everything run at max with no stutter, can i get the card to transmit @ 720p to my hd tv. Argh !!!! things were so much simpler years ago when cards only were 8mb 16mb and 32mb ... oh thoses days !!!!!

my specs are
INTEL CORE 2 QUAD Q9400 2.66Ghz
6GB Ram 800mhz
Geforce 9500GT 1GB
Windows 7 RCL

On another note, is the tv at fault or is it the card..... my current card when res goes above say 1280 x 768 the refresh rate drops from 60hz to 25/29 which is woeful as the screen flickers. is this the card at fault or is it the HDTV. The tv is 720p so i assume its should be able to cope with higher res. im connecting via dvi-hdmi !

thanks everyone !
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  1. are you talking about gaming on the TV or movies?

    Yes you will see a rather nice boost in performance but if it is simply watching movies and surfing almost any card should be able to handle the res.
  2. sorry, yes its mostly games.
  3. it depends on what games you're playing. more GPU hungry games will surely benefit more from HD4870. secondly your resolution. at higher resolution HD4870 will be able to handle games with high setting better than 9500GT
  4. i would wait two weeks andrew ATIs new cards touchdown you will pick up a faster card for less with much more going for it like DX11 and support for 3 monitors and of course it will use less power, just remember to clean out the nvidia drivers, its a common mistake with some PPL, so they tend to blame the ATI card instead of themselves and give ati a bad rep for nvidia's bad driver uninstall [and given all the dirty tricks by nvidia it could be intentional]
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