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I am looking to purchase a new graphics card, to replace a 4850 that is going to be used in a cheaper system. At the moment my system is completely stable, with an intel c2q q6600 at 3.6 ghz (1.42 vcore), 1 hard drive, 120 mm fans and, of course, the 4850. I am powering the system with a CMPSU-520HX, the 520 variant of the Corsair modular range.

I have two criteria to be met:

1. What is the fastest card I can purchase for no more than £150?

2. Will my power supply be able to cope with the highly overclocked processor/ new, higher powered grahics card?
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  1. purchase 5770 , cos of its low power consumption it is for u . and its dx11 capability decrease performance
  2. i heard the 5770 currently only runs on vista/windows 7? i forgot to add i'm currently using xp and dont want to change to vista or 7. i can get a 4850x2 for £140. would my psu cope with that?
  3. oh yeah and it has to be a single card solution, my mobo doesnt support sli/crossfirex
  4. 4890
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