Overclocking my I7 950 on watercooling. Need some advice.

Hey guys i just put in a xspc rasa rs240 watercooling kit into my pc.

I'm pretty new to the whole watercooling thing so i was just wondering what sort of temperatures i should be getting as i think its a bit high atm.

So i've done the bleed test overnight and leak tested the thing the whole time and got rid of all the bubbles and the pumps running great.

So now i have overclocked my i7 950 to 3.80ghz and the ram is running at 1654mhz, but when i go to run prime 95 at 100% load i get around 86 degrees, under no load it runs around 50 - 55 degress. Is this ok?.. should i play around with the heatsink a bit possibly reseat it. I thought i would get a bit better temperature with watercooling.

I can run it at 4.03ghz at around the same temp.

I'm running a rampage 3 forumla motherboard, with 12gb of 1600mhz Gskill ram, i have fairly open cooling inside the case, rads on the bottom of my case, running rad fans at 80%, pulling air into the case.

Any hints or tips would be great.

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  1. Hi, I'm by no means an expert but I can categorically say that you've even over volted significantly, or your CPU cooler isn't mounted properly. 4ghz on that CPU + watercooling should not be hitting those temps!

    Open CPU Z, then run Prime95 and report your voltages.
  2. I meant either rather than even!
  3. I am assuming when you mention your temps, they are in Celsius and not Fahrenheit? If so, you should be seeing 30-35C at idle, and around 60-65C at load, but this might vary depending on CPU. Can you describe where your rad is mounted? Or post pics? Are you sure the pump is running? (I assume it is, or you'd see even higher temps)

    Betting you might have a lot of air in your rad, a bad block seat, or it's possible your rad isn't getting good airflow, but doubt that last one.

    Did you tilt and rotate your case to get air out of your rad?
  4. Hey guys thanks for the reply, Basically i have the rad mounted on the bottom of the case, i have since put the fans on 100%,

    I have tilted and rocked the case and made sure i got rid of all the air bubbles. I ran the bleed test overnight just running the pump and all the air bubbles are gone out of the rad.

    Conure thanks for the hint about the voltages, I have been reading stuff about overclocking i7 950's and it seems my vcore was a little higher then it should be on auto, was running around (1.45v). I dropped the vcore down to 1.35 and this dropped the temperature by 10 degrees Celsius.

    I'm reading i should be able to get my vcore down to around 1.24v at 4.0ghz so should be good.

    I'm going to keep dropping and tweaking some voltages and see what i can come up with.

    I am having issues with my ram aswell, but i'll post that in another thread.

    Cheers guys.
  5. Yeah, higher voltages directly correlate into higher temps. Nice catch on that, conure.

    Everything running better now? It at least appears better...glad to hear.
  6. yea seems to be better temperature wise thats for sure, But unfortunatly, i have had a few BSOD tonight tho with the lower vcore set to 1.25 then i set it at 1.28 and it still BSOD, now i have it at 1.30v and it seems stable for now.

    i'm now getting around 42 degrees Celcius idle running it at 4.03ghz.

    surely i can get it lower then this, im just not sure what else i can set voltage wise on my mobo, as i'm not 100% sure what voltages these new i7's should be set at..

    anyways i'll keep sifting through the epic amount of info on google, but if anyone has any sort of voltage list i can go off for a stable but cool overclock let me know.

    Yet again thanks for the replys its been very helpful so far.

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