212 evo vs Noctua NH-D14

I will be overclocking an i5 2500K to 4.0-4.2 ghz for gaming
In a case with good airflow and plenty of extra space ex. Antec 1200 or HAFX
Still debating between the fully modular AX850 and a non-modular psu, single GPU
Ambient temp is fairly cold (I live in Vancouver Canada)
Used exclusively for gaming - Skyrim/Diablo 3 on high settings 1920x1200

Will the 212 be able to power through long 8 hour gaming sessions? Will the noctua keep everything cooler to make a big difference in the overall lifetime of the components?
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  1. 4.0-4.2 are mild overclocks, which depending on ambient temps, even the stock cooler can handle, though I wouldn't suggest it. The 212 will handle up to 4.7ish in normal room temp ~75F(~24C).
  2. 212 it is then
  3. Yeah the evo will be good up to around 4.5ghz, provided you do a good job optimizing voltage.
  4. According to this review it's pretty good tested on a hotter cpu.
    Coolermaster Hyper 212 Plus
    I replaced my 212+ on my i5 760 with a Corsair A70 = better temps and quieter with resistor wires.
    The 212+ is now cooling an i3 550.
    Corsair Cooling Air Series A70
    Best option is the EVO.
    Coolermaster Hyper 212 Evo Direct
    pricematch at NCIX
    You don't need an 850W psu for a single gpu set-up no matter how much you o'c.
    For SLI yeah maybe depending on the gpu, otherwise a 650/750w is more then enough.
  5. I have heard the ax series as well as the x series from seasonic can have a hideous coil whine. This is why i went with the xfx pro850w XXX. It is a seasonic OEM and a rebranded xfx black edition. (which has incredible reviews) just something to think about and it is modular. I would go with modular just because with an 850 watt PSU there will be a lot of cables.

    also the 212 evo only provides about a 1-2c drop from the 212+. I went with the 212+ because it is 10 cheaper on newegg, and would do it over again. At 25 dollars this thing is a steal. Max cores 27c idle and 51c load using Intel burn 49c using prime95 with the remainder of the cores have 23-25c/41-45c respectively you can not beat those numbers. If you really want to pay some 50 dollars more (noctua/thermaltake) for a 1-5c temp drop then by all means go for it. Since you have no desire to push your chip to the the absolute max hence the 4.0 to 4.3 Throw a 212+ in there and don't look back...seriously you will not be disappointed.
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