Got lucky, had to share

So I'll first apologize for perhaps not using the forums constructively.

However, when you get this lucky and have no friends with computer knowledge to share it with; well I just had to brag a bit.

I've been looking for a new rig to replace my CyberPower pile. I know, I know. I'm not the building type. More of the simple upgrade, gentle overclock type. So, I have been looking here and there, when an ad that caught my eye came up on Craigslist. Pretty much what I was looking for. i7 920 (d0), 6gb ram (1333), gtx260. It came with an offbrand 20" ws monitor that I didn't need, but that's OK. All the parts were said to be new and looked as such. When I talked to the guy who built it, he said he was an IT guy that builds on the side. He said a friend of his asked him to build this kick(rearend) system and then decided he couldn't afford it. The guy was looking to unload it ASAP. I know it sounds pretty fishy. He had it built though with just a 450w PSU (BFGtech). It didn't have an operating system either. So, I asked him if he would put my Thermaltake 750w PSU in and my old Raptor with XP on it in the system. He said he would. Watching, I could tell he knew what he was doing. It still doesn't completely rule out being stolen or something, but made it seem a bit more legitamite. The other componets were a WD 500gb hdd, EVGA Classified X58 3xSLI mobo, and Raidmax Sigatta 2 case. The price, after he spent an hour switching out PSU's and adding my drive to the system........ $580. Holy cow. That's with the monitor and not leaving any other components from my old system. That was yesterday and I still can't believe it. I have been laid off since December, but have been saving every penny I can so that when I went back to work, I could upgrade. Then this. I will probably get hit by a bus tomorrow, but I'll have a smile on my face when I go.
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  1. Is the PC already in your hands? Or you still have to go pick it up and give him your stuff to put in, cause 580 is way too low for what you're getting if it is new as he states.
  2. It's home and paid for. I picked it up and he doesn't know where I live. I've got it loded up with software like cpu-z to check everything. It works great. All though the fan on the 260 is a bit loud when you turn it up beyond 50%(normal). The mobo alone sells for $400. He said he was able to buy some of the parts through the company he works for at a cheaper price and it takes "some" of the sting out of the price. But trust me, it's real and performs flawless.
  3. I even got him to load up the drivers for me (mobo,vga) while I was there, so I could see it physically run- on the monitor he sold with it. Did I mention the GPU was an EVGA superclock (216sp) 260?
  4. Lol you got yourself a stolen comp :P he can't ahve sold it that cheap
  5. I hope I didn't. I feel "somewhat" conflicted. Happy about my "good fortune" but a little ashamed if that's the case. Part of me wants to say (if it is hot), someone was going to get it, why not me? However, that really isn't the right attitude to have.
  6. Something is fishy no doubt. If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is.
  7. As an afterthought, he did show me some of the receipts from Aug 17 from TigerDirect. Unlikely, he would have managed to steal those receipts and boxes that the parts came in.... and the manuals... and the extra cables.
  8. Right?
  9. credit card scam? lol
  10. Mine was solen, I think you just bought it. Go ahead and send it to me.

    I got lucky to...

    Got a free 1yr technet subscription yesterday:)
  11. You didn't hear about the technet scam last week? :lol:
  12. I know a guy who ordered parts from newegg for a i7 rig $1500+ and ups dropped it off on his porch. He said he never got it, and got a full refund. Might be the case here.
  13. englandr753 said:
    You didn't hear about the technet scam last week? :lol:

    What scam???

    Any who, I got full access, and this is after I had paid for one for $280 after promo code. I called MS and got a full refund, and I still have my free one:)
  14. Lol, true. Would make better sense. Something is off about that deal but no sense in beating yourself down about it. Its over and you didn't know. Enjoy the system.
  15. Rig im posting on is a fresh build, win 7 retail and osx 10.5.8 dual boot. 0ffice pro 07 retail also:)

    $350 for parts, e5300 oc to 3.4 4G ddr 800 8400GS, its obviously not a gaming pc.
  16. I thought that thing was going on Ebay? You couldn't do it could you? Lol...
  17. I sold 2 already. And its on ebay right now.
  18. Maybe it has a gps tracing device in it and when you come home tomorrow the PC and everything else will be gone, and it will be up for sale again next week lol :P
  19. Nice. You should be making a decent profit I would think...
  20. You know it. Hot item, get tons of hits and questions.
  21. Yeah. I do know it. You try to post as much as possible to stop those questions but to no avail.

    I have an AGP 7800GS AGP video card on ebay now and Ive had 4 people from 4 different states email questions about the BIOS version. It must be a mod thing I guess...
  22. Ya, lol. PC sales sucked all summer but they picking back up finally. Hopefully i get this sold for some $$$ so I can build a i5 soon.
  23. I think people are finally getting comfortable with being unemployed and broke so sales should pick up now, lol. I'm in sales as well so I can make that statement and laugh about it. ;)
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