Building Beastly Music Computer

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: within the next few days hopefully
BUDGET RANGE: ~$300-400, I can spend more if needed

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: 1) Recording, editing, mixing audio received primarily from a usb interface/cubase 2) gaming

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, OS, graphics card


PARTS PREFERENCES: whatever is best for the price


ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I'm basically looking for the best "bang for your buck" deals on this computer. Dual-Core processor, 4+ Gig ram, reliable HD are preferred. I want this computer to be able to handle recording and avoid latency(audio lag) problems. Thank you.
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  1. Well if u meant a DIY DAW i.e Digital Audio Workstations, i have built some of those for peeps and those are strictly CPU bound machines so you will be best served getting as much CPU horsepower your budget allows too :P Something more of a 'beast' if u willing to pump $39 more hehe
  2. +1 I would definately spend the extra cash to get that build, the AMD seems to fit your requirements very well.

    A system would only be beastly however, if it was overclocked in my opinion. Given your small budget, you will need all the power you can get if you want to game aswell.
  3. I'd suggest the 3.1ghz, 6mb cache, $99 AMD PhenomII X2 550 Black Edition Dual core CPU. Here's the cool part: Its actually a quad core cpu just with 2 of the cores disabled. With the right motherboard and bios combo you can unlock the 2 disabled cores and turn it into a X4! Here's a how to:

    I agree the cpu being crucial but I'd also recommend super quick hard drives and a good audio interface. I'd recommend having two 500gb Western digismell black editions in raid 0, and a M-Audio delta 1010 LT audio interface
  4. I'm going to be using a Presonus audiobox (USB) and Cubase for recording, I'm not aiming for professional sounding recordings, mainly just for recordings demos. I would like for them to sound as professional as possible and I want to make sure that this PC will handle everything I do on it with ease. To that end, will the setup that Batuchka be good?
  5. Well industry has started churning out DAWs off Phenom 2/780g but ya better to hand pick quality hardware via DIY :P
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