Asus crosshair formula III, power connector reach bottom PSU?

Im looking to get a crosshair formula iii but i heard that if you get a case with a psu on the bottom then u have to order an extender for the cable to reach the power supply. i read this in one of the crosshairs newegg comments. will i have any problems or was this just a fluke for that person. i wanna get either an antec 902 or a lian li P50WB. Please let me know anyone, thanks
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  1. The size of the case and the model of PSU will be a big factor in that. Some PSUs have longer cables than others. Some cases are larger or smaller than others and require longer or shorter cables.

    You likely won't need an extension cable.
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    Both cases your looking at are mid towers. You shouldn't need an extension cable especially if your getting a corsair PSU. my corsair tx650 has no problem connecting to my asus maximus II MB in my antec 1200.
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