GTS250 on CM Extreme Power Plus 600 W

Hi guys..

I have a Cooler Master Extreme Power Plus 600 W PSU and I am planning to buy a GTS 250 1GB card. I want to know if this would be able to handle the card or not. I don't do overclocking but prefer playing at higher resolutions (rarely using AA). Will the card run smoothly???

My second question is which manufacturer I should prefer for the card. I live in New Delhi, India, and here Leadtek and MSI are available at shops but could not find an XFX, Galaxy, or Gigabyte one. I can get those online which would cost me a few bucks more (newegg does not ship here :( ). But I am ready to shell out the extra bucks if they perform better than the first two available options. Lately, I have heard about Palit which generally makes card comparatively cheaper than other manufactures. Should I go for Palit as that would save some of my hard-earned money???

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  1. That is overkill dude. get a generic 550-watt psu and your good to go. if it breaks down, no problem, just replace it. just make sure that you plug your psu to an avr (automatic voltage regulator), then the avr, of course, is the one you plug in the electric socket. gts 250 is not that of a power hog compared to a 4850 anyways. it would help if you state the rest of your specs.

    this is a serious suggestion, no joke. people might find this advice stupid but i'd say its practical.
  2. Thanx for replying BruceOTB

    Actually, I have read in many sites that the PSU i have (talking about Extreme Power Plus series) is actually 550 W and stands nowhere when compared to Corsair 450 ones. Discussed with some friends and they too agreed with that. Frankly speaking, I expected a reply that the PSU wont be able to handle the card, But now i am really confused...

    anyway here are the system specs...tell me if i miss out on something...

    CPU: E4400 2.00 GHz (hoping to upgrade soon)
    MB: Intel DG965WH
    RAM: Kingston 1X2 GB DDR2 667Mhz
    HD: Seagate 250 GB
    PSU: CM Extreme Power Plus 600
    GPU: 8600 GT (to be replaced by GTS 250)
    MONITOR: Samsung 2233SW
    DVD: Samsung DVD R/RW..

    Thanx for the help so far...
  3. Cooler Master is a fine brand, don't worry about it. That PSU will be more than enough.

    If you can, get this. A 4870 will be much better than a '50.
  4. a generic 550 watt WILL handle that gts 250, more so a true rated one. a true rated 550 watt will handle a 4870 or 4890
  5. Hey BruceOTB...

    sorry for the late reply...

    could you please explain to me in a bit more detail about avr (automatic voltage regulator). i have never used such a thing, so don't have any would be great if you help me in this matter.

    thanks for the help so far.
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