Raid problems after CMOS Battery failure

So Im pretty sure Ive lost my OS but just to check Im running 4 drives Stripped off a intel Matrix raid controller and the PSU blew itself up, when I replaced it I also had to replace the CMOS battery and now although it detects the raid array fine when I try to boot it it says something like "select proper boot device blah blah blah"
Am I correct that I need to reinstall or is there a magic fix? thanks in advance
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  1. Did you reset the RAID settings to exactly what they were before?
  2. Yup although the computer did try to start up once with it set to IDE if that makes a difference.
  3. I've just done something very similar.

    I have five disks connected to the Intel Matrix raid controller on my MSI P55-GD65 mobo. Four of them are set up to use RAID as two pairs of mirrors, i.e. I have two 500GB disks that are mirrored and two 1TB disks that are mirrored and one other disk that is connected to the controller but is not part of a RAID configuration but has my installation of Windows 7 on it. This has been working like this for over 18 months now.

    Last night I changed some setting in the BIOS to try get my new memory to run at 1600Mhz. Long story short: it didn't work so I reset the BIOS using the jumper on the mobo.

    I've since only been able to boot the mobo when the BIOS has the RAID controller settings set to "IDE". But when I do that I see each of the four "RAIDed" disks as individual disks in Windows. If I set the RAID Controller to "RAID" in the BIOS I get the RAID controller bios prompt and can see everything is set up there correctly. But on trying to boot I get the same "select proper boot device blah blah blah".

    I'm at the point where I've backed up my windows partition and I'm about to re-install Windows, although this sounds too dramatic! surely there's a way around this!?!
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