HDD External Hard Drive Corrupted and Unreadable, What should I do?

My external hard drive not opening showing corrupted and unreadable. What should i do.
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  1. Have you tried to run CHKDSK from the command prompt for that drive? You have to boot your computer to the command prompt from your win disk before windows loads.
  2. I would NOT run chkdks if the drive has problems. If the data is critical, I would immediatly try to image the drive to another working one. Take a look at your image and see if it is readable, if not try File system recovery software like R-Studio rtt.com on the image. You can try running a CHKDSK on the IMAGE but I would not recommend running it on the original drive if the data is important.

    You may want to try removing th edrive from its enclosure and connecting directly to your PC.
  3. http://www.powerdatarecovery.com Try this to recover your data.
  4. the same thing happened to me twice. Reformatting the hardrive makes it usable again but you loose all your data. In the future i recommend to constanty back up your data.
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