A wierd problem with EVGA 8800 GTS OC


I am having just the wierdest problem with my graphic card and i am hoping someone here with the knowledge can help me understand just exactly what is going on. First, my system specs are:

Asus p5n-32 esli motherboard
2 gb kingston ram
700W psu
EVGA 8800 GTS OC ( it came overclocked )

Here is the problem. It began while i was playing a game and the graphics within the game window became distorted. The textures would be screwed but outside the game window, everything was fine. going into safemode, i would get red dot grid on the montior, verticle red lines on dark background and cyan coloured lines on white background. so i opened up the computer, cleaned out the dust and everything was fine. no red dot grids or verticle lines. But as soon as i start to play GTA SA, or any game for that matter, the red dots grid return, the computer freezes and i have to restart.

Can someone plz tell me what is going on? if my card is dieing or has died, then why dont i see the verticle lines or the red dot grid all the time? its not overheating as its pretty cold in uk where i live. I have had the card for 2 years and never had a problem even in summer time. Its not the monitor as i hooked up a lcd monitor and i was still getting the grid lines. But it cant be the GPU either becoz i dont have this problem all the time. Only when i play games. Otherwise when i am watching movies or just browsing i have no problem.

Can someone plz explain to me what is wrong ?
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  1. EDIT: my cpu is E6700. It wouldnt let me edit my message.
  2. Well there could be a lot of issues, could you please supply this info:

    Updated Drivers or drivers that came with the GPU:
    Have you uninstalled all video drivers besides the 8800 OC:
    Have you tried testing the VGA, or DVI cable your using by using another:

    Other notes
    If it's been 2 years since you have been using it, it is probable that it is dying, now graphic cards unlike monitors and other components can die in funny ways;

    *No display, but still "turns on".... Dead...
    *Screwed up display, such as but not limited to lines fuzziness messed up colors, or completely messed up graphics such as unrecognizable designs..... Can be confused for the more common source of this problem, drivers.
    *Works great, until one day suddenly stops working, doesn't even turn on the fan or anything. AKA Dead. Most likely caused by overheating.
    *Works but sometimes has driver issues (Windows cannot find drivers for this device), Device could be damaged on the PCI connection, but most of the times it's the GPU failing/dying. Either way there is no repair for this, or at least affordable repair.
    *BSOD (blue screen of death "video driver or components have failed... etc" <-- can be attributed to the more common source of this problem: too many drivers running, or perhaps firewall while installing drivers.
    *The list goes on.

    One of the best ways to check if it's the graphic's card dying, is to test it on another system.
    One of the major reasons for death of graphics cards, or CPUs is age. After a long time the thermal compound wears away, leaving overheating issues to go unchecked. One thing I do when I find a CPU or a GPU failing is to remove/reapply thermal compound. Most of the times the issue is resolved that way for months to go, however it is a temporary fix and your card will inevitably die..
  3. GPU is on its way out, a lot of the 8800s are going titsup
  4. I just started having a very similar issue with my 8800 GTX, has like little lines all over the monitor and it won't change the resolution to anything but 640 x 480. I thought it was the drivers, uninstalled the drivers, no change AT ALL.

    Then thought...well i had just updated the drivers, maybe it seriously messed things up.

    Reinstalled vista.

    Fixed the problem for a day and a half.

    Then while playing a game, it started doing the same exact thing, wouldn't go back. Tried reinstalling vista again, this time it didn't fix the problem. I'm thinking it must be the vid card now because I've formated the C drive and it's still there with a completely fresh install of windows. Dangit.
  5. sorry to say but

    i guess these are artifacts

    so it can be said that..this beast of its time [8800] is dying :(

    try to RMA it if its still under warranty !

    my 8600 died 3 times lol...ohh it died the 4th time a couple of days ago

    i gave it for RMA for the 4th time =) lol
  6. Sorry for the late reply, the computer was unusuable. The problem was my video card. Before, i could atleast get into my account while having the grid lines but a day after making the post, it wouldnt even let me log in. There would be horrible artifacts on the blue welcome screen ( the one you get just before the desktop is brought up ) I did some research and i came across an article which said that the 8800gts and the 55nm gtx 260 chips ( dyes ) were defective, hence their low price ( i have found a gtx 260 for £110 ) because Nvidia is trying to get rid of these older defective chips before they put their new chiped cards on the market. The article also stated that there was no way to know which cards are affected and which arent. The company isnt giving away that info. For the time being i have ordered a 9800 GT... so fingers crossed.

    Thanks for all of you who helped me with this.
  7. Take out the card and clean out the dust and give it a try also check your volts with speed fan or pcwizard. On the 12v if the volts are below 11.4v then you got a problem.
  8. New card finally arrived. 9800 gt 1gb from zotac. im very impressed especially with the performance gain in GTA 4. i can run it at 1600 x 1200 no problem.

    Consider this thread solved. Cheers for all the help given.
  9. rangers said:
    GPU is on its way out, a lot of the 8800s are going titsup

    thats right my 8800gts (640mb) just died today...................i had the same problem so i removed the cover and cleaned the heat sink which alone dint work..........so i lifted up the heat sink and applied the thermal liquid (cooler master Rs 175) which also dint work...............so i guess its rest in peace my friend, you've served me well for 3 years.
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