AMD Phenom II X4 965 FSB OC/Ram tweaking?

I'm looking for some suggestions on overclocking mostly through my FSB if possible, at the moment I'm running my FSB at 212 with a multiplier of 19 for 4ghz @ 1.4 Vcore. It's stable and has gone through prime95 and intel burn test for over 12 hours.

My ram is dual channel, but cpu-z and Aida64 read it as single ever since I started going through my FSB, also the ratio is 1:2. I have read that 1:2 is fine and I have also read it isn't. I also know nothing about tweaking ram timings at all and I'm hoping someone can explain or help with tweaking them properly if needed.

My Specs

CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 965

Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-MA785GM-US2H

Memory: G.SKILL 4GB (2 x 2GB) DDR2 800 Dual Channel

Graphics Card: XFX HD-583X-ZAFV Radeon HD 5830
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  1. you got your chip to 4ghz, what more do you want? looks like you're squeezing everything you can out of that thing. 24 bank cycle time? lol..i cant remember, maybe that was normal for ddr2. you should probably set the ram to all defaults and try to get it 1t command rate. default the timings, frequency, etc. and see if it will do 1t.
  2. Well I tried to push for 4.5 but that was a no go no matter what I did, even went past 1.55V and tons of combinations of FSB and mult but no luck. Since I didn't make it to 4.5 I thought I should go for the 2nd best thing and that's 4.4ghz. I am currently running 4.4 @ 18.5 multi with 240 FSB, HT link 2400 ( I have tried lowering it to about 2100 but fail to boot into windows) with my ram still at 6 - 6 - 6 - 18 2T ( I have tried putting it at 1T but cant boot into windows even without a OC ) with 2.0v @ 3.33 mult for 800 mhz. I haven't touched NB or SB voltage or any of that because I never have and I don't want to be over volting something I shouldn't. It's stable to boot into windows but the second I start Prime95 my first core always fails, I have no idea what to do at this point to make it stable so any suggestions would be great!

    Also the default timings for my ram is actually 5 - 5 - 5 - 15 24 2T.
  3. been a while since i've messed with that. you didn't touch your cpu nb speed? that's where most of the fun is. you can push the cpu nb voltage like crazy too.
  4. You have your RAM sticks in the Dual channel slots? I'd assume so since apparently it said dual channel before you changed the FSB. Dunno why it would change.
    I've never seen OC'd RAM as offering much performance gain, but suit yourself.
  5. Iv tried everything I can think of, different ram timings, upping NB volt, SB volt, ram volt, lowering my HT to 2120 then to 1920. I have tried raising the NB freq and lowering it, everything I can think of shy from raising my Vcore which its already at 1.575, 1.552 in windows because of Vdroop. I cant seem to get prime 95 to run more then 10 minutes without 1 core failing. I'm at a complete loss at what else I can do at this point. I'm not even hitting the heat wall of 55c at load from prime I hit 50c max.

    Maybe my chip just can't do 4.4ghz.. :pfff:
  6. you never stated what your cpu nb frequency was set at, what is it set at?
  7. Frizzo said:
    you never stated what your cpu nb frequency was set at, what is it set at?

    2400 NB freq
    240 bus
    mult 18.5
  8. weak sauce bro, go for 3k

    voltage 1.5
  9. 1.5v to NB or vcore?
  10. you can, if temperatures are ok.
  11. it will show as red in your bios, but that's one reason i love AMD, you can kick the living *** out of their processors.
  12. Frizzo said:
    you can, if temperatures are ok.

    I'm already running 1.552vcore with perfectly fine temps thanks to my H100 push/pull.

    my NB is still at stock voltage, however I have tried raising it 1.3v was a no go, I guess i could try 1.4 and hope that works while increase my NB to 3.0.
  13. bro..i'm not talking about your vcore, i'm talking about your nb cpu voltage. and after this works you better put a badge on me. if 1.4 doesn't work goto 1.5
  14. Frizzo said:
    bro..i'm not talking about your vcore, i'm talking about your nb cpu voltage. and after this works you better put a badge on me. if 1.4 doesn't work goto 1.5

    1.4 is the max for my mobo and the second I raise my NB freq I cant boot into bios, also no change with 1.4v NB
  15. your motherboard sucks. you probably have an 870 mb.
  16. Well dropped my fsb from 240 to 238, kept everything else the same, no change to NB voltage, and so far this is the longest I have been able to run prime95 without a single core failing at 4.4ghz.
  17. what are you doing with this computer anyway? playing games?
  18. I'm big into gaming, iv had a 4.0 OC for a long time and never truely pushed my cpu to the limits due to a shitty aftermarket air cooler. Since buying my H100 water cooler thought I finally would see what I could push.
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