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Ok this my current config: I have a Core 2 Quad Processor running on Intel DP35DP. HD-320gb 7200rpm Sata. My current video card is Nvidia 7600gs. I want to go for an upgrade. I also dont want to go for the best graphics card but dont want to find out that due to my rest config im not able to get the max out of it. Guys what would be the best graphics card for my current config??
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  1. Budget? PSU?

    400$, wait for 5870
    300$, wait for 5850
    200$, 4890
    150$, 4870
    100$, 4850
    60$, 9600GSO
    40$, 4650
  2. I could go for a PSU upgrade too.
    Budget not an issue. But want to stick with the current MB/Processor.
    So was wondering what would be the best Graphics card i could get for the current config. No point spending a lot on a great graphics card and not being able to get the max out of it.
  3. which model c2q?
  4. Yep
  5. when will the 5850 be out?. Any idea on the prices?. I had also head ATI card have heating issues?. Is that true?. I also dont want to go for an seperate cooling rig
  6. my MB is not a PCI-E 2.0 compliant but i have heard 2.0 are backward compatible with 1.0. Im pretty sure i wont be able to get the best of the Graphics card from my current config
  7. what speed is your cpu
  8. Here are the details guys:
    I Have an Intel DP35DP MB . Core 2 Quad Q8400 Series.
    1.3k Mhz FSB.
    Ram 2GB DDR2 800. My PSU is kinda old. Will be getting a new one
  9. on your current board a 4850/gts 250 will be fine with a good quality(ocz,seasonic,corsair,antec) 500watt psu
  10. Will i get an inprovement on 4890 or ATI 5 Series ones?? OR will my board be a bottleneck?
  11. I think the Ati 5 series will be limited by your cpu, i'm not sure though......
  12. a pci x16 1.0 starts bottle necking from a 4870
  13. Hmm...Looks like i need to do a little planning. How much would an MB upgrade cost me?. Say for instance i would like to go for the ATI 5 Series. Which MB would be the best
  14. The ati series are better than the GTX295 (5870 is, anyways). The 5850 should be fine on his CPU, but I duno about the '70.
  15. Guys im planning to go for the 5 Series cards(5850).. Would that be ok for this config?
  16. What's your OS? If you have a 64-bit you could upgrade ram a bit too..

    Also, budget?
  17. Thanks Bud..its Windows XP Professional..I donot plan to move to vista as yet
    ECS P45T-A2R LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail
    Original Price: $94.99
    You Save: $10.00
    ($66.99 after $18.00 Mail-In Rebate )
    Free Shipping

    With that you don't have to upgrade your ram.
  19. Thanks for all the info.. Im narrowing down the MOBO to Intel P45 ATX ..Graphics card ATI 5 Series..and also an Antec twelve hund or nine hund far i plan to keep the same RAM(i.e. 2X2 GB DDR2 800) and also the ealier 2XSATA 7200 HD's.. Now what i am confused about is the Power supply..any help on that?..
    Thanks in advance
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