Brand new computer randomally freezes.

Hello. I got a new computer less than a week ago, and all is but fine.

I tried to play some games, just to check it, and it appears to randomally freeze. I ran temp. checks and the results are:

CPUID Hardware Monitor

Mainboard Vendor Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.
Mainboard Model GA-MA770-UD3 (0x2DA - 0x4CB49E60)

Vendor ITE
Model IT8720
Vendor ID 0x90
Chip ID 0x8720
Revision ID 0x8
Config Mode I/O address 0x2E

Hardware monitor

ITE IT87 hardware monitor

Voltage sensor 0 0.91 Volts [0x39] (CPU VCORE)
Voltage sensor 1 1.94 Volts [0x79] (VIN1)
Voltage sensor 2 3.31 Volts [0xCF] (+3.3V)
Voltage sensor 3 5.05 Volts [0xBC] (+5V)
Voltage sensor 4 12.10 Volts [0xBD] (+12V)
Voltage sensor 5 -3.65 Volts [0x39] (-12V)
Voltage sensor 6 -13.31 Volts [0xD0] (-5V)
Voltage sensor 7 4.22 Volts [0x9D] (+5V VCCH)
Voltage sensor 8 3.12 Volts [0xC3] (VBAT)
Temperature sensor 0 31°C (87°F) [0x1F] (TMPIN0)
Temperature sensor 1 35°C (94°F) [0x23] (TMPIN1)
Temperature sensor 2 79°C (174°F) [0x4F] (TMPIN2)
Fan sensor 0 1834 RPM [0x170] (FANIN0)

Hardware monitor

AMD Phenom II X4 945 hardware monitor

Temperature sensor 0 24°C (75°F) [0xC1] (Core #0)
Temperature sensor 1 24°C (75°F) [0xC1] (Core #1)
Temperature sensor 2 24°C (75°F) [0xC1] (Core #2)
Temperature sensor 3 24°C (75°F) [0xC1] (Core #3)

Hardware monitor

ATI Radeon HD 5800 Series hardware monitor

Voltage sensor 0 0.95 Volts [0x0] (GPU Core)
Temperature sensor 0 35°C (94°F) [0x22] (GPU Core)
Fan sensor 0 1014 RPM [0x3F6] (GPU)

Hardware monitor

ST3500418AS hardware monitor

Temperature sensor 0 27°C (80°F) [0x1B] (HDD)

Dump hardware monitor

Well, all would be fine if I knew what this ITE IT87 was, since as you can see all of the other temperatures are either low or medium and won't cause anything to the computer...

Help please?
Thanks a lot,
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  1. You need to provide more information. Most likely temperatures are fine. I assume you got this computer built for you and not from someplace like Dell? If you got it from Dell or someplace, ask them for support. If not, ask the person who built it for you.

    First likely suspect is the Power Supply, but could be a number of things.
  2. Try reinstalling the ATI Catalyst Drivers. They're notorious for corrupting your system.
    Try using an older version, then try using the newest version.

    Otherwise, it might be your ram.
  3. The ITE IT87 is just the integrated sensor system on your motherboard. You seemt o have a hot spot going on at tempin2, it might be your northbridge but i dont know why that should be getting hot unless its heatsink is loose.

    Can you post your full system specs so we have a better idea of what we are working with? Please link to the power supply and ram if possible. Also did you manually set the timings and voltages of your ram in BIOS? Not doing this can lead to lockups.
  4. AMD Phenom II X4 925 Box - CPU

    Gigabyte GA-MA770-UD3 - Motherboard

    SAMSUNG 500GB SATA2 16MB - Hard Disc


    GIGABYTE GV-R585D5-1GD-B HD5850 1024MB DDR5 GPU

    SAMSUNG DVDRW X22 SATA - Disc Drive

    I'm not sure what's the power supply. I know its 600W, but since its most likely company less those 600W are going to be divided by 4/5 to reflect their true meaning.

    Installing the ATI drivers now, just in case.
  5. Have you updated the BIOS to the latest version?
  6. No, how do I do that? I did download them, but I don't know where to extract them to.
  7. There's 2 ways to do it. I think you can make a floppy or usb stick with the bios on it and use the Flash utility in the bios. That's the preferred way of doing it. But you can also do via the Interweb. There should be a utility on the driver disc which you can use to download the latest bios and flash it within Windows. This method is not recommended, but I've done it losts of times and hasn't failed me yet (knock on wood).
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