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I have a PC build to be used as Storage Server. I installed Windows XP and shared the RAID drive in my home network. I used the software that came with the Gigabyte motherboard. It is AMD RAIDXpert.

I have been using the server for a year and i found that one of the hard drives starts to produce some noise so I just went and got two larger hard drives and replaced them and rebuilt the array using the above utility and it works fine. The previous setup was 6 hard drives with 1TB each and the array built as RAID 5.

Now I found that there are 2 TB free in total (1TB for each new hard drives) I tried to find a way to redistribute the free space but I couldn't find a way.

Is there a way to resize the RAID array without destroying the array and lose the data?
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  1. You can't use the extra space on 2 drives to expand a RAID 5. Replacing all 1 TB drives by 2 TB drives wouldn't help because RAIDXpert doesn't support online expansion. However you should be able to configure a new RAID 0 or 1 using the extra space on the 2 TB drives (assuming that RAIDXpert provides functionality similar to Intel's RAID).
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