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I want to OC my 2600K to about 4.5 GHZ
and atm i only have the stock cooler so i can't do it without crashing :P
so my question is: which cooler should i take for that kind of load, what would make it stable and what cooler can make it more than stable.
(note: that im not going to use watercooling, only the H50-H70) if thats the case :)

my build is:
4gb ram - going to get 4x4 gb
Gtx260 OC - in the furture im going to get GTX570
PSU: 850 Corsair
motherbord: P8P67- deluxe asus

Many thanks :D
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  1. I am not sure what kind of heat load intel's produce at those speeds but I can tell you that in the case of the H50 almost any air cooler worth mention will out cool it, from what I have heard.

    Also what ever is suggested here, it will highly depend on your case setup and airflow as to whether it will work for you or not, even the noctuna's and silver arrow's cant cool if they cant breath.
  2. How much do you want to spend?
  3. i won't go any higher then 70 GBP :)
  4. my case is HAF 922 :)
  5. The link below shows you actual HSF performance for comparison. A mid-level HSF would be the Hyper 212+ or Evo models, which are a good value. Always read the full review to be sure the HSF will fit your case and clear the RAM.
  6. Yeah you have a lot of choices for 70GBP, that's around 110 USD. THat said, The evo should get you to 4.5 IMO. There is the Mugen 3 for a little more,Prolimatech Megahalems for around 70 USD, and the Notcua D-14 for about 85 USD. Tose are in order of price and performance. Like I said however, the evo will probably get you to 4.5 for 35 USD.
  7. Any of the following can do 4.5 Ghz

    $30 Hyper 212+
    $50 Scyther Mugen 3 (5-7C better than 212)
    $80 Thermalright Silver Arrow (7-10C over 212)

    Here you can compare the Silver Arrow with the H50 and H70 water coolers that are sold by Corsair but made by Asetek . They also make Antec's 630 but as this containes several design improvements over the H50/H70, it gets much betetr temps.
  8. Mugen 2 or 3 will do well and a 212+ will pull it off.
    I had an arguement with someone who actualy won me over

    Just thought I would throw it out there as I am unsure of prices over there
  9. I agree with JackNaylorPE a 212+ will suffice quite comfortably at 4.5Ghz.
    Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus
    Zalman CNPS10X Performa
    Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme CPU Cooler = better then 212+
    add fan preferably a Thermalright FDB 1000 or 1300rpm.
    A real steal
    Cogage Arrow CPU Cooler = Silver Arrow predecessor
    Really no reason to spend over $50 on a cooler for a SB cpu.
  10. I think my final decision is to take the Noctua NH-D14.
    the only thing that worries me is whether it can be in my cabinet.

    also my last question: is it the right choice? or do you guys or girls think that i should take another cooler ? because the temps on Noctua NH-D14 on max load is 70 while the "Spire Thermax Eclipse II" is around 75-77 om max load.. but i also like the Antec Kühler H2O 620... which one should i take :S
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