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alright i think i may have a dead memory slot on my laptop but before i do anything rash i'll ask you guys first.

out of the blue, a few weeks ago, my laptop decided to stop booting. it had been in the trunk of a car for a couple days while on a road trip but nothing much more extreme than that. i mean, it was in it's case and all, also protected by other luggage and such.

anyway, on a hunch i decided to remove the one accessible stick on the laptop and well it decided to boot again. with half the ram, but i was still relieved in wasnt anything worse.

problem is, when i tried to replace the stick, it wouldnt work either. now, this brings me to my question: my laptop in an lg s1 pro express dual. they don't sell in the us (not last i checked anyway) but you may know about them anyway. the thing is, at the store i bought the ram stick at he said that some laptop manufacturers liked to tweaks things so that only ram bought from them would work on their laptops. so now im getting the same no boot problem, i have no way to know if the ram stick i got is just bad, if it just isnt compatible or if the problem is on the motherboard side.

i know if i have to send the laptop i'll have to part with it for about a week. i also know that i'm out of warranty, so it might end up costing me whole lot more than just another ram stick.

have you guys ever heard if lg/manufacturers in general really do place those kinds of restrictions on ram stiks ? are there any other variables about them i maybe have overlooked in trying to pick the best match for what i used to have ? (which was, btw, an 'hynix' 1gb "2Rx8 PC2-5300S-555-12" stick - and the one i bought today is a kingston "1Gb PC2-5300 CL5 200" stick. maybe someone can tell just off the bat if those two have something critical different).

i have 7 days to return the ram stick so it's no biggie .. im just trying to save myself an excrutiating return to the manufacturer (ive done it before they dont make it pleasant). ... also, does anyone know that laptop and it's motherboard ? only one of the ram slots is 'exposed' to upgrade but what do you think the odds are of the other 1gb i can now use is also in a slot, just hidden, and that i might take a 2gb stick? weird things is the specs for my laptop are "up to 4gb" so i would assume you could place 2 x 2gb, unless 1gb onboard + 3gb exists ?

anyway ... any comments welcome !

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  1. come on guys gimme some loveeeeeeee ..... im just about to return the stick to the store and i wanted to have something new to tell the guy :P

    i have something new to tell you guys though; i just called LG and they're really skeptical it would require a special kind of ram. i doubled checked the 'stats' of both sticks (the old and the new) and they seem identical to me.

    also the LG "Technician" was pretty sure i had a 2nd slot for my remaning 1gb, and that it wasnt soldered on the main board. however this slot isnt visible when i pop the memory door from underneath the laptop, does anyone know of sources to get info on laptop motherboards before i start to unscrew some screws ? ..

    last but not least, what's been you guy's experience with this in relating with just plain dirty slots ? ive tried blowing air into the slot but not from compressed air .. someone else suggested a specla kind of isopropyl alcohol for electronics to see if it would help ... is it relatively common for dirt to cause ram slots / ram sticks to appear bad ?

    help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  2. quick update, i dunno if it means anything, i can still 'see' the slot in question through the 'DMI' thing thats giving me a rundown of all of my laptop's components ... is it any indication the slot is still 'responding' or is that information just static to begin with ?
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