Optimizing Air Flow

here is a diagram of my current case fan directions (Cooler Master CM 690 II):

Yellows: intake ( 120mm front, 120mm bottom and 140mm side panel)
Reds: exhaust(120mm rear and 2 top)
Blue: CPU Cooler airflow direction

I want to know if you guys think this is the optimal airflow desigination of my fans. The CPU cooler (Xigmatech Dark Knight, AS 5 Thermal Paste) is on an AM2+ socket so it can only be facing NORTH or SOUTH (cant situate EAST or WEST)

Im asking because my CPU temps are a bit concerning to me. I have an overclocked AMD Phenom II x4 970 at 4.0 GHz on 1.450 VCore

Idle temp: 38-39
Load temp: 53-56

These temps seem to be a bit high and not responsive to the cooling that I have.

Is there anything I can do to improve cooling/airflow? I was thinking that maybe 2 top exhaust fans are not necessary and maybe I can switch the top fan that is closer to the front to a INTAKE FAN? would that help at all? Any thoughts or suggestions would be very appreciated. THANKS
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  1. Yeah my CM690II is set-up a little different.
    Exhaust: 120mm rear/140mm top rear mount location
    Intake: 140mm front/120mm on hdd cage for gpu.
    Don't like side fans = lots of dust/hdd cage has fan location=no extra dust same cooling performance for gpu.
    Also my hsf is east/west push/pull = more effective imo.
  2. If ya talk to HSF manufacturers, they will tell you that they want the fans on their heat sinks blowing to the rear of the case. Yes, it's contrary to what ya would think but Prolimatech for example says they see a 3C difference (higher temp) when the fans blow up.....it has to do with heat pipe orientation.

    A side fan helps with one GFX card, I consider it a necessity with two.....at least if ya wanna OC ya cards and likely even if not. If dust is a problem for you, buy a case that comes with air filters or add your own.

  3. As you can see your CPU HSF is likely to be drawing some hot air off of the Vid card, so this is less than an ideal situation though some folks run this set-up. Your temps are NOT excessive for the voltage and frequency that you are running.

    As Jack indicated some HSF mfgs. have seen a few degrees better cooling with the HSF oriented so the fan blows from front to rear. This may be due to two factors: 1 - the heatpipe orientation, 2 - blowing cooler air from the front of the case instead of hotter air from around the Vid card.

    It's also worth noting that bottom and side fans can cause so much turbulence as to hinder good evacuation of the hot air from the case. You need to actually test each situation to see what works best.
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