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I have a MSI P55-CD53 mobo. Recently I created a RAID array with 2 Seagate Barracuda's (5400rpm, 1TB each). The BIOS shows me the now 2TB hard drive is present. When I use the Windows CD to recover a system image I created before, I need to load drivers fot the RAID array, which I did and Windows managed to be reinstalled. However, after the installation of the system image, my PC now reboots at the Windows loading logo (when it says starting windows). When I go into system repair and I need to install a system image, I browse for one, and in My Computer I find one hard drive, Partition_1, with all the data on it of my system image. This hard drive is the exact size it was before I installed RAID. See the attached picture. And a strange drive, Boot (x). Can someone please help me with this problem? Should I undo the RAID and install the system image on one of the hard drives?
I really appreciate any help! :)
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  1. Here is the photo of what 'My Computer' looks like.. The other hard drive, HD HSU2 is the external hdd.


    Now that Partition_1 doesnt even show up. It somehow just disappeared! :/
    Booting in Safe Mode does not work, by the way.
  2. Sounds to me like its not loading the correct driver for the RAID controller. When you load the driver in system repair I don't believe it will put the driver into the existing Windows Image, so the driver is there when you restore, when you reboot its not inmemory and you can't access the drive to boot Windows from.
  3. Hello, I managed to undo my RAID and I now have Windows 7 running properly on one of the hard drives. However, I really do want to use RAID.

    I now installed the proper RAID driver and I will make a new system image later. I read somewhere that in order for Windows to properly read the RAID array, I need to make a partition on it. Is this true?
  4. When you restore the image, it will will create the partition.
  5. Thats normal, maybe you made a Raid 1 instead of 0 which would show 1 tb instead of 2 tb because of the mirroring of the disk.
  6. No, I'm sure I made a RAID 0. Today I will create a new system image because I installed the RAID driver. Tomorow I will try to make the RAID and restore it with the system image. I will, however, load the drivers just before restoring the drive (just in case). If that does not work, I will make the raid array a partition and then restore the image.
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