Overclocking (Ancient?) CPU E6750 need some temp help!

Hey guys,

I've been doing a fair amount of research on Overclocking my E6750. I have a P53n-E SLI. I'm going to be upgrading to a new mobo and new CPU in maybe half a year or something when I get a little more cash available, so I'm looking to do some overclocking...not much, just whatever will give me a slight boost for Skyrim. At any rate, I looked online about doing this and I found some decent guides with people who had the same CPU, but different MOBOS. When I actually went into the MOBO bios, everything looked QUITE different. I had an option for some sort of "Hypertweak" thing or something *I should have written the name down* and it allowed me to change the autoclock options to Manual, Auto, AI Overclock, AI N.O.S. So, I went to manual and looked around...realized I had NO idea what these settings meant because they seemed so different, and then decided to dabble with AI Overclock. It allowed me to set my overclock % to 5, 10, 15, 20. At 20, my computer shut down soon after it booted..obviously that's too hot. I moved down to 15 and it seemed to work out, but I'm running ORTHOS for stress tests and using AIDA64 (Everest) to monitor temps. At 15, the idle temp was over 60, so I decided to knock it down to 10%.

So at 10 % I'm now running 2200.mhz x 6 so I guess thats 2.8. Not a huge jump from a 2.6..but whatever. Now, heres my issue.

The CPU temp for core 1 is hovering around 59-60 *sometimes going as low as 55*. and the CPU temp for core 2 is around the same. When I stress it using the Orthos blend option, it gets up to about 80. So far, it didnt go higher. I did the blend for about 2 minutes and there was no shutdown.

I'm using a http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835106061 , so definitely not a stock cooler.

Now, my problem is that...I've been looking around online and people have been giving me various responses for what the temp should be under stress. People are suggesting I should be under 60 (right now its saying 56...so I dont know what the heck is going on lol) during idle and below 80 during stress...some are saying below 75 during stress, 72(which is the limit stated on this website for the E6750) etc. I realize that the CPU type makes a big difference.

If anyone could give me any advice i would greatly appreciate it. Worst case scenario I can bump it down to 5% and see what happens. I'm assuming that this auto-program its using is probably doing something a bit more than I could do on my own, but I figured I'd ask and see before I started tinkering around with settings by trying to match them up with settings from other guides.

Thanks a bunch
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  1. Just wanted to add...running these tests without the overclock being set to any %, just normal non-overclocked..max stress is around 65 degrees.

    I also knocked it down to 5% and the idle is around 60 and the stress went up to 80..hm
  2. Read this


    That auto tune stuff is awful and uses too much voltage almost all the time.
  3. Oh ok great thanks. I realize now I had said it can do MORE than I can do, but what I meant was "it probably does more than I SHOULD do."

    I'm glad to hear this! I'm going to read this right now. Thanks a bunch

    I read online that basically setting the FSB to 400 and leaving the voltage at 1.3500 should be enough to get it to 3.0 without anything bad happening but I havent quite figured it out yet.
  4. Ok so, just to tinker a bit, I set the autotune to 10% but manually changed the voltage to only 1.3500. The result was HUGELY different. The idle temps are around 47-50 and the I let the stress test go on for about 4 minutes and core 1 got to a max of 72 and core 2 did the same, though they kept going up and down around 72, usually down.

    According to Orthos i'm at 29333mhz.

    One more edit: Knocking it up to 15% gave me 3066mhz instead of 2933..so basically not a whole lot. However, the temp of core1 and core2 are still hovering right around 72 during the stress test. Assuming 72 is the max, this should be ok to leave it at this state?
  5. 47 idle is too hot.
  6. spentshells said:
    47 idle is too hot.

    Really? I'm getting that kind of idle just with normal use, non overclock so I suppose everything is getting a bit old, I dont know. I'm assuming it'll be ok if I just want to hang onto it for a few more months.
  7. I`m currently trying to find information on overclocking my e6600 (total newbie), just tought about telling you that my idle temperature is also around 45. And haha I`m also trying to do this for Skyrim so we`re on the same boat man! :D
  8. wow, your temperatures are high. I OC my dual core E2200 from 2.2 Ghz to 2.86 GHz and only reach maximum temperature of 65 degrees using a stock cooler !!! My idle is around 30 to 35 degrees. Try and some thermal grease on your CPU there might not be a proper contact between the conducting plates of the cooler and your CPU thus reaching such high temp !!! another thing you can try is to put u cpu fan speed in the bios always at a maximum it should bring it down to at least 70 or something
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