Watercooling my 2 evga gtx 560 to OC them

Ok so i bought 2 EVGA GTX 560 ti FPB edition and my temps are a lil bit high imo the first 1 gets to 82c and the second one is at 78 under load, im planning on watercooling them so i can oc even more and drop the temps, my question is how much would my temps drop if i watercool them, any replys would be appreciated, ty (sry for the bad grammer xD)
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  1. With enough radiators you could get them down to load of 30C, it depends on your budget and the size of your case. 82C at load isn't too bad, as the max temperature is 99C:


    Under specifications
  2. Do you want this moved to the watercooling forum?

    And just FYI- you can never get below ambient room temps, so that would be your theoretical limit.
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