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Hello everyone I recently just bought and built my system.

I have the asrock extreme 7 gen 3 and an I-2600k I know I can OC it, but I don't have much experience with it I was wondering if anyone could help me out.
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    Read the guides here and/or other reputable places and videos.

    Though I would suggest to only changing these options as you are not extreme overclocking (specific for asrock mobos):

    Internal PLL Overvoltage: Enable
    Turbo Boost Power Limit: Manual
    Set Short Duration Power Limit: 200
    Set Long Duration Power Limit: 200
    Set Long Duration Maintain: 56
    Core Current Limit: 200
    Spread Spectrum: Disable
    CPU Load Line Calibration: Level 1

    Then it's just a matter of adjusting multiplier and vcore, probably start at 46 multi and vcore offset -.02. Don't go higher than 1.4v vcore or risk faster cpu degradation. I'm not suggesting to change other voltages til you are more experienced. And only OC from the bios/uefi.
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