How to disable internet access on a network?

Hi! I am looking for ways how to disable the internet connection without interfering the LAN/Network. So i found the solution by putting the wrong default gateway and DNS. But when you check on the automatic obtain IP address and DNS, internet can be accessed again. And when i used and administrator to limit the user's privilege, there are certain programs that are disabled. how can i totally remove internet access? please assist me on this one, your help is highly appreciated. thank you.
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  1. Ask in the networking section they can help u more

    i don't anything about this
  2. Yank the signal cable from the modem
  3. JackNaylorPE said:
    Yank the signal cable from the modem

    What part of on a network dont you understand!!!!

    Uninstall internet explorer, or whatever browser it uses. No browser, no internet!
  4. When you put it into automatic obtaining of DNS and Ip Address, your network uses something called DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol). The network assigns the computer an automatic unused address. If you turn of the DHCP service, and the DNS service then the computer you specify won't aquire an ip address at all, no IP=No connection. DNS doesn't matter, you can disable it through services, but disabling DHCP is all you need. Also try to get into your router. Most ISP's provide a simple operating system on the router to control it and tweak its settings. See what you can from there.
  5. If you're not bothered about LAN access then you can just shutdown the interface, go into control panel->network connections-> right click on the device and click disable.

    If you still want access to you local (private) network then you should be able to log into your router using a browser and apply access list rules/restrictions.

    you can also use the firewall on the PC itself. You can tailor specifically which services (e.g. web, email etc) you don't want that PC to access.

  6. Plug your main PC into your router.
    Using a second ethernet port, connect it to a switch.
    Connect all other PCs to that second switch.
    Disable Internet Connection Sharing over the second port.
  7. Most routers should allow you to block all external access to a PC while leaving the internal network untouched.

    What router (if any) are you running?
  8. Go to properties of your LAN connection and enter a invalid default gateway address ( some address other than the your default gateway try
    This will just disable access to internet without disabling LAN access.
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