Crossfire4770 or a single 4890??

hi,please help me,I want to buy a graphic card,and I'm stuck between crossfire4770 or a single 4890,and I dont know which one is better and faster,help me,I want to choose wisely,if crossfire4770 is better than a single4890,then I prefer to buy two 4770 and use them as crossfire,but if a single 4890 is better and faster than crossfire4770,then I prefer to choose single 4890,please help me.
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  1. I think the dual 4770's will be faster...but not by too much...maybe 15 - 20%??

    4890 is your best option really. You wont run into any problems with games and Xfire compatibility and you also have a free slot for future upgrades...also probs less power use and heat output.
  2. go w/ 4890 IMHO cuz you can upgrade it much easier, unless you think you'll wanna run quad gpu w/ 2 cards and have the $
  3. regarding 4770 crossfire and single 4890 its better for you to check the benchmark.

    my suggestion to you is get single 4890 (if you want easy solution). sometimes dual vga setup give more trouble than benefit. if you want more then get 5850 or 5870 :D
  4. one 4890 should do it.
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