Motherboard? for i7-950

Im looking at upgrading my computer, I have already got a 9800GT 512mb video card, and want to get an i7-950, Im wondering what motherboard I should consider, I have used Gigabyte in the past and am happy with their boards.

Im also wondering about RAM, whats a good match for this system, Ill be running vista 64bit Im thinking 8Gb minimum possibly upgradeable in the future,
I should also add that im planning on using my HDD from my current build

The computer will be used for gaming and compiling, what suggestions can people recommend.

Im not looking to spend to much, as im putting most of my cash into the i7.

Thanks for any suggestions
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  1. Depends how big is your budget. A good low cost motherboard is Gigabyte EX58-UD3R. Why do you want an i7-950 ? Buy the i7-920 and with a litlle overclock you have the same performance like 950.
    The RAM i sugest to go at the producer site of the motherboard you choose and take a look at the compatibility on Memory Support List.
    Sorry for my english
  2. I dont want to overclock, Its an area of computing i really dont wish to get into.

    Im hoping to spend about 1200 all up. thats for CPU, motherboard and ram, as I have the rest.
  3. I'm with sosofm there - seems a waste to pay nearly double for a slight performance increase, at the same QPI, when 920s pretty much all go to 4GHz with little difficulty; difference in price is about a nice 5850 or GTX275 vidcard!
  4. I get your point guys but I really dont want to get into overclocking, And im pretty set on that CPU

    Ive decided on the parts that i would like.

    And so far

    CPU:Intel i7 950
    Motherboard: Gigabyte EX58-UD5 (as this allows for some upgrades in the future)
    Ram: G.Skill: 6G Kit DDR3 1600 Patriot-Signature

    Can anyone see any probelms witth this combo

    As it is my first build I want to get things right

    Thanks folks
  5. even if you're not going to overclock, i'd say save your money and go with a 920. Besides, you're gonna want a decent mobo and ddr3 RAM which is pretty expensive. Go 920, you won't notice a difference in performance.
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