ATI 4870 on 42" Toshiba HDTV @ 1080p Improper Screen Size

Hello Community,

I just replaced my gaming system. I used to use two 8800GTX in SLI. I switched to a single 4870 on a new mb, etc. I'm using the same cables and monitor setup (DVI-HDMI). The monitor is a 42" Toshiba Regza which supports resolutions upto 1920x1080 at 60Hz.

The problem is the desktop is not the correct size as displayed on the screen. First it is 5-10% smaller than the full screen and it is not 16:9. Other resolutions show similar behavior. The Nvidia based system does not have this problem.

This stuff is way above my pay grade and I was hoping someone out there had a little wisdom on the subject. If you can help but need more details please let me know.

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    Go into Catalyst Control Center and overscan the image until it fills the screen, this seems to be a fairly common issue.
  2. Yes, that did solve the problem. Thanks for the advice.

    The location of the control for controlling the over or under scan was the sticky spot. I didn't find any posts that referenced the location of that setting.

    For those who are searching for the answer: in Catalyst 9.9 for Windows 7 and for Vista it is under Desktops & Displays. Click the inverted triangle in the icon for the monitor you wish to control and select configure. The scan features are under Scaling Options. Mine was set to 7% as default, 0% was the correct setting.

    Hope that helps.
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