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Canon i560 driver windows 7 bit64

On my new 64bit Windows 7 machine, the printer installation program can't find a driver for the Canon i560 network mounted from an XP server. When I connect the printer locally via USB it installs fine.

Any suggestions?
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  1. Yes. And the only thing there under Windows 7 (both 32 and 64 bit) is a driver ADD-ON. For that it says:

    This software is a module that expands the functionality of the printer driver for Canon Inkjet printers. Your printer must be installed via Microsoft Update before you download and use this module.

    The problem is that the normal printer driver installation doesn't find the driver for the printer when installed as a network printer served by an XP machine.

  2. I am having the same issue.

    Jonckheere - did you figure out a solution?

    anybody have a solution for this driver installation?


  3. Did you try to install it from the devices and printers window?
  4. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    Did you try to install it from the devices and printers window?

    There is no driver listed in any of the normal places to install. So YES, I tried to install from the devices and printers window, but NO I did NOT install from there or anywhere else.
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    Try this...go to control panel....printers.....then click add printer....then choose add network printer...when it searches and finds the printing you are looking for...write down the ADDRESS of that printer... mine is //ROLANDO/CANONi560.

    Then start all over...go to control panel...printers...add printer...this add LOCAL printer....choose create NEW PORT...hit a dialog box appears and it says add port will type the desired address my case I will type //rolando/ next next next until it talks about installing drivers...choose the manufacturer...then the printer next until it installs the drivers...should work....let me know.... i registered as a member on this just to give you this information....hope it works. godspeed..

  6. I'll tell you how I got mine installed correctly...

    ... it registered as an "unspecified device". I right clicked on it and chose "trouble shoot". To my surprise, it did go on to search for online solutions, found and installed the correct driver for my i560. It is working fine. So my sense is that if your printer is detected appropriately but does not work, right click on it (in control panel) and choose "trouble shoot" and follow instructions. Good luck!

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