DVR Card for Vista 64-bit

Been looking to purchase a DVR Card. The only problem is, I have Vista 64-bit.

The only DVR Cards I could find that are compatible with 64-bit are the Yuan DVR Cards.

Does anyone know of any other DVR Cards that work with 64-bit Vista?

Been looking to hook up a surveilliance system but finding a card that works is challenging.

Any info is appreciated. If ya have links of compatible cards or where to buy em would be appreciated as well.
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  1. Me too, I've spent hours looking for a DVR card for a surveillance camera that supports 64-bit Vista, and no dice. Someone, please help!

    traffic_src=froogle&utm_medium=organic&utm_source=froogleThe Sharx Security SCXSC200 card is a new generation 4 channel audio / video capture card for desktop PCs. The included SecurityCenter software allows viewing and recording of up to 4 security cameras on your computer, with or without motion detection. The included SecurityPlayer software allows remote internet access. Unlike SCXMC104 this Techwell 6805 based card also captures one channel of audio and comes with Microsoft WHQL certified Windows drivers which allow use with third party DVR software such as BlueIris and LuxRiot, as well as Media Players and Encoders like the open source VLC or Microsoft's free Windows Media Encoder. Video quality is excellent on this card. A single channel can be captured at near DVD quality with D1 resolution (720 x 480) and a full 30 frames per second. When 4 channels are in use the frame rate drops due to the switching between channels. If you need 4 channels at full 30 fps each, consider our SCXSC300 card which supports 16 switched or 4 full motion video inputs. If you do not have a free PCI slot in your desktop computer consider our SCXSC104LUSB 4 channel USB 2.0 DVR system. If needed, RCA/BNC adapters or video cables are available separately and not included. Card ships in OEM white box with manual on CD. Note Now supported on all versions of XP and Vista including both 32 bit and 64 bit .
  3. Here's another option... You can do wire or wireless

    It runs on Vista-64
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