How to know which bios version and flash bios on prebuild system

Hey guys i need some help. I just purchased this Foxconn motherboard from Newegg:

as well as an AMD AM3 cpu . Now for the Motherboard, according to the Foxcon website, to work with my AM3 cpu i needs the new bios flash. The problem is that I'm not sure if the motherboard Bios already has the new bios flash that was released 3/7/2009 according to Foxcon. I just bought the board which is 8 months after the new bios flash was released so I'm thinking it might already have the new bios flash. Is there a way of telling what bios has been installed on my current motherboards bios? The other question is, if i do need to flash the bios, How do i flash a bios after i have installed everything and before i install the Operating system. Here's the link to the Motherboard on Foxcon:

I don't want to flash the bios with a bios it might already have installed because wouldn't that possibly mess up my motherboard?? Thinks for any help on this matter.
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  1. Don't flash the bios; check the post screen first using the "pause" key. The bios version should be somewhere on the page. Write it down before checking on foxconn's website. Only flash as a last resort if you've never done it before. Some lesser brands have inferior windows flash programs, and you could end up with a dead board. You can use a usb drive to flash if your bios allows your system to boot up to one. I used a floppy in the past, but have enough experience now to use most windows flash programs. The trick is to be patient and disable the boot block feature in the motherboard bios first, and disable any security settings that come up when the program is trying to load in windows.
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