Wondering what I should upgrade for new STALKER game

My gaming build needs an upgrade but I'm not sure if I should get a new videocard or a new CPU.

Current Build:
Intel Core 2 Duo e6400 (2.13 ghz)
EVGA 9800gt (512mb)
4 GB DDR 2 1066
Antec P120
Corsair HX620w modular 620 watt power supply
120mm zalman CPU cooler

I want to be able to run the new STALKER game coming out soon and I'm wondering if:

1: If my CPU would be able to keep up with a 285 GTX during STALKER
2: My PSU will handle the load of a graphics card that powerful
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  1. your psu will be fine . The HX 620 has been tested to 700 + watts and remained perfectly stable

    I dont know how demanding the new game will be but , I think you will need to update the processor as well as gfx card .
    Either a 9550 quad or e8400
    Also check out the GTX 275 . Its a lot cheaper than the 285 and performance isnt that much different

    You may also get better performance at a better cost by switching to a pair of ATI 4850's in crossfire which perform about the same as a GTX 285 . A pair of 4850's should cost about $180 for both
    Or 4870's if you have a big enough budget .........
  2. +1 for the 4850s and 9550 Quad but why not a 9400 Quad?!
  3. Also what resolution will you be gaming at ?
  4. CHRISTLUBAS said:
    Also what resolution will you be gaming at ?

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