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I'm having a RAM/Motherboard issue. This is my PC:

Corsair Dominator DDR3 RAM 2GB sticks - TR3X6G1600C8D

Motherboard: Asus P6T V2 Deluxe

OS: Windows 7

CPU: Intel i7 920

Graphics card: GeForce GTX 295

I have three working sticks of dominator ram that are v5.2 (I don't know if the versions of the ram makes any difference but I just found it peculiar that when I bought three new ram sticks their version was older than my current ones)

I just bought three new sticks of dominator ram that are v3.2

When having the three old sticks (the v5.2) in the three orange slots in my motherboard (6 slots in total) my pc works fine and detects 6GB of RAM.

Inserting the three new sticks (v3.2) into the three black ram slots makes my PC bluescreen and/or not even be able to boot into Windows at all (after one bluescreen usually). 12GB RAM is detected in the bios however. Only 10 were detected inside Windows the one time I managed to get that far without crashing though.

I tried putting the three old sticks into the black slots and the three new sticks into the orange slots. Windows bluescreened as I pressed enter after entering my password in Windows. In the BIOS 12GB was detected. After entering BIOS after the bluescreen bios only detects 8GB. I then tried to login to windows again and it worked fine but with only 4GB being detected inside Windows.

Running the three new sticks in the orange slots makes Windows boot up fine and 6GB is detected in both the BIOS and in Windows 7.

Running the three old sticks in the black slots didn't even give me a picture on my monitor. Everything was just black.

From this it's pretty safe to assume that my asus p6t motherboard is not fully functional and that the new and old RAM is okay right? It works fine from what I have noticed during the two months I have had it but it seems like the black ram slots really messes with the system.

What do you guys suggest? Is my only option to return the motherboard?
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  1. Use cpuid to see how much ram it recognizes. And if your board permits it, check for a "memory mapping" setting and change it. The choices may be enabled or disabled. Also check the ram voltage setting and see what the board uses at default; 1.65 is the maximum recommend for Intel boards; some ram actually runs better at 1.5 volts. The final recommendation is to set the timings manually to the slower settings; the higher numerical value is a slower setting for ram.
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