Asus Eee netbook blinking white screen

I bought a used netbook from a friend and initally the netbook had only a small flickiering or blinking at the bottom of the screen. As I continued walking around with it all over campus everyday, the flickering or blinking of the screen expanded to the whole screen. If i tilt the netbook screen downward as much as possible, the flickering goes away but the screen position is way too low...too close to the keyboard. Is there any solution to fixing this?
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  1. I'm sure I'm not the first one to think that is an odd description - are you saying that's the ONLY thing you see on the screen? or are you seeing the OS desktop and then this flickering white thing.

    If it's the ONLY thing you see - then I'd wonder if you're seeing the BIOS wallpaper when it boots and then goes to the blinking thing, etc. If you truly want help, we need more information.
  2. Okay to clarify, the screen becomes white when I turn on the netbook. If I push the top of the netbook down, I can see the images clearly. The screen has a flickering of lines as it gets to a clearer image.

    I couldn't take the picture of the blinking screen when I adjusted the top of the netbook.
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