Build Issues (long read)

First - the hardware.

WD Caviar Black 1 TB 7200 RPM 64mb cache
Crucical M4 128gig SSD


ASROCK P67 Extreme4 Gen3

MSI 570GTX Twin Frozr III PE/OC Dual SLI

Noctua DH-14

G.Skill Sniper Low Voltage Series 8GIG 1600

Optical Drive:
LITE-ON 24x DVD Combo Drive

Corsair Pro Series 80+Gold 1200W, Fully Modular

Silverstone TJ07

The issues:

So I had some help putting this build together with the hands of some experts at a local computer shop, originally I wanted a CPU overclock at 4.5ghz. This was not possible for the guys at the shop - but it wasn't that big of a deal to me. I was happy with 4.4ghz.

I brought the computer home and took off sleepmode and all that stuff that can give dual cards a problem, I plugged one monitor into each of the cards.

I ran 3D Vantage on the PC to test the benchmarks. At first it didn't want to work, but then I got it to start the test.
When it got to the CPU test, my entire computer shut down. This really freaked me out so I asked some of my friends but I couldn't really get a smart answer about what happened. I got Battlefield 3 and tried playing it on auto settings, my computer blue screened.

I talked to the experts at that shop and they told me the error code I was getting - 024 was related to the CPU more than likely and the OC that was on the chip was to high.

I lowered the OC to 4.2 and tried playing BF3 again. It ran fine and dandy for about 30 minutes before I realized I was only using one card in SLI - I had forgotten to link them in nVida controller after I had updated the GPU drivers.

So now I can play BF3 for about 10 to 15 minutes and the computer does not shut down, but the game just crashes. I turned off the OC and have it on stock settings and the game STILL crashes.

I know BF3 has issues, but is this a hardware problem? Am I running the game on to high settings? I have amazing frame rates and I just don't know whats going on. The people at the computer shop told me none of my parts are defective or RMA worthy, and I believe them on that because I have no issues outside of BF3.

I really don't understand why I can't have an overclock at 4.2 while playing this game without the computer shutting off or the game crashing.

I'd really like some insight and I can provide a lot more details. My cards are running between 50 C and 60 C so I'm not concerned about heat issues, my heatsink is the Noctua so again - I don't get what the problem is.

I'd appreciate some 3rd party insight. Thanks!
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  1. I personally don't think they were fair with you.

    You should read guides on overclocking and do it yourself.
    But first make sure everything is plugged in carefully.
    Than set absolutely everything to non-oc/default.
    Download and run prime95 @ small fft for 1 hr and see if it shuts down or not.
    Than run it @ blend for 1 hr.
    Download and run furmark for 30 min and see if it crashes.
    If anything crashed a part is defective. It should not crash at default settings.
    Although it may not crash in windows, it should not crash in load.

    Edit: It could be a bf3 issue cause it is buggy i think... Don't have it but that's what I have heard. Just stress test your pc using said programs to make sure its not your pc.
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