By accident I disabled explorer.exe


So by accident I disabled my explorer.exe.
When I rebooted my pc I found these problems
- i cant remove/install anything
(unless in safe mode)
-my internet connection is gone
-I cant click with the right mouse on start
-my pc is alot slower

then i did some scans like malware
btw i use windows xp

please help mee
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  1. oh its malwarebytes and I also think my norman is blocked

  2. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    Reboot into Normal Mode and press your Control, Shift and Escape keys together to bring up the Task manager. From the Process tab>File>New Process menu, type
    explorer.exe and press Enter. The task bar should then show up and we can start dealing with the other problems.

    Can you please then go back into MalwareBytes, click on the Logs tab and copy and paste the log back here?

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