Is there any option to reduce idle voltage without the use of LLC?

I presume not but I am just curious, as I do not like the increased strain on the VRM and voltage spikes with LLC on.

Getting idle/ internet browsing voltages without LLC fluctuating between 1 and about 1.15V without LLC on.
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  1. Which motherboard do you have?
    Gigabyte - dynamic vcore
    Asus - offset

    These features can be used in place of LLC and vcore stays low in idle and goes up on in load.
  2. :P I think you know this from the other thread :)()()()()

    Turn all the c-states on. like c3, c6, c1e, etc.
  3. I needed to remove the c3 and c6 states to remain stable. Maybe enabling one will help with this. Is there any preference as to which one c3 or c6? Or do both need to be enabled simultaneously?
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