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How to hack into a hp laptop windows xp

Hi I need your help. I think my husband is having an affair, lots of different reasons, but one being he hides his phones, laptops etc... i have found his HP Laptop, but don't know his password. Have tried pushing escape to get to the start up menu, but only security levels i can get to are OBIS... there doesn't seem to be an administrator account?.. I can't seem to change user to access that way? any help would be greatly appreciated. I cant download these password code breakers either as I have a MAC, which i am using to research how to get onto his latop. His laptop is also a company owned one, so don't know whether they have corporate level security settings?
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    Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    However sad the circumstances, I'm sorry to say you'll get no hacking help here at Tom's.

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