How to setup sonicwall pro 330

what is IP address to access sonicwall pro 330?
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  1. ip address is internet protocol allows hosts to connect to each other IE computers
    every computer or network device(router ,dsl modems)have a specific ip address
    so your sonicwall has an ip address that could be something like and once your sonicwall is connected physically to a computer with internet explorer
    you can type in the address bar the ip address and then you will be logged to your sonic wall so you can configure it
    there are two types of ip addresses
    one that is assigned to your dsl modem by the isp and the internal ip address that you can use to access the dsl modem
    then what the dsl modem will do it will be the firewall that appears on the wan with its static IP address (assigned by the isp) it is how NAT works All the lan appear as that router and the Lan machines will have their ips hidden from the outside network
  2. The default IP address is

    The manual suggests that you use the following IP address on your NIC: with Subnet mask of

    After you configure your NIC, then you can type into your browser and if its still at the defaults, you should see the log in window.

    The default username is: admin
    The default password is: password


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