Hi! Which Memory Setting Would Be Faster? DDR2


Recently, after getting my cpu up to an impressive speed of 3.33 GHz; on a g31 @ 370 fsb no less. I decided to overclock the memory.

The brand is ocz sli, and I have 2gig since only 1 slot works and an RMA for a $30 mobo is worthless...

Anyway, 4-4-4-18 is the default timing, and I never tried to lower it @ 740 MHz (x2 fsb).

I have been able to overclock it to 948 MHz with 6-6-6-19 which was a random guess of what would be stable. Now, before I start playing with timings at both clock speeds (2.5x multi) which would be faster right now?

Is there a way to check this?
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  1. Because memory band width is not normally a bottleneck, tighter timings generally will make your PC "feel" more responsive than looser timings and faster mhz.
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