Abit av8 sata problem

I have the same problem as sewildman50 (first person in this thread).
I tried to install 250Gb Seagate SATA HDD- not recognized by BIOS., I thought it was bad.
Got another 500Gb Western Digital SATA HDD- same problem.
I use an old 80Gb SATA disk now- no problems, but it was installed while I was using an old IDE HDD, which had died since.
SATA drivers that came with this Mobo on a floppy don't help. Neither did downloading newer drivers from manufacturer.
I tried any combination, including using just one and/or 2 of the new HDDs with fresh XP Pro installation and it does not see any HDD at all.
Please help!
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  1. Your motherboard manual is here.
    -- Page 3-18 shows the integrated peripherals selections and settings. Make sure you have enabled SATA RAID ROM and the other 4 selections. Save and exit BIOS. You computer will restart.
    Boot to OS and
    -- Install the VIA 4in1 Driver (Page A-1).
    -- Install the VIA SATA RAID Driver (Page E-1).

    Re-boot to OS. You should be able to see the SATA HDD(s) in windows explorer (assuming you are using windows).

    I could not find any BIOS screens in your manual that will show the SATA HDDs. The manual implies that SATA HDDs will only work in RAID0 or RAID1, but does not state that SATA HDDs will or will not work out of a RAID configuration.

    Maybe you can try some of the settings to see what they do. If you mess up some BIOS settings, refer to Page 1-3. In the lower right side of the diagram, there are pins labeled CCMOS1, that you can use to reset the BIOS to its default settings (Page H-1 has the specific instructions).
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