Ok so im in the 200$ price range and im looking for a good gaming monitor I saw this




I love the first one because its 23" and the contrast ratio seems pretty nice.
The Second one is 24" and its from Asus with a 20,000 CR.
And my last choice was the LED backlight monitor although its only 22".

Now I own a 22" for my other computer so I know how big that is. I just want to know if its worth getting the led since its newer technology. Or go for the bigger monitors since they look pretty impressive as well.
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  1. dude have u thought of lg's new monitor w63, btw in gaming u need atleast a 20000:1 DC so that when light reflects it still looks clear. All monitors are LCD, the LED is just a back light behind the monitor, that lights the monitor up. DC won't matter in realistic gaming and movies, but color and response are the main concerns, when resolution is the same.


    heres the link for the gaming optimised monitor by LG. very cool indeed :D
  2. This monitor is worth the extra bucks :D
  3. That monitors looks very cool but I cant seem to find it online. The only thing I saw is that its like 330$ thats way more then then 2353 lg 23"
  4. Keep in mind that the 22" LED LCD is only 1680x1050.

    I've been leaning towards picking up an LED LCD myself, but the $120 premium for the 24" 1080p is a bit excessive... http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824005134&cm_re=LED_LCD_LG-_-24-005-134-_-Product
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