NAS system or a Hotway raid system

Now I want to know what you guys think I should do.

I am basically setting up a large storage system and will most likely use raid 1.

Now my question is should I buy this hotway system that costs $260 and supports 4 hard drives.

Or should I use one of my computers I don't use as a NAS system.

I have calculated the cost to have this homemade NAS system up and running and it will only cost $120 and I will be using freeNAS as the OS which is specifically for this purpose.

The homemade NAS system will have the following.

Case that supports 5x3.5 inch drives.

PSU has 4 sata connectors. Mobo has 4 data sata connectors.

System only has 1gb of 667 in it I think but for freeNAS and data storage no more is needed anyway.

I have an old 9500gt that I could use but since its for data storage again I should just use the inbuilt VGA adapter.

I have a spare 19" monitor for it as well.

So what option should I take. I will be using 3x 2tb drives for the storage and they will most likely be the Samsung F4's.
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  1. By the construction of hotway case, I think there will a thermal problem with the TOP drive
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