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Someone please help!!!

I installed a new mobo (ASUS P5G41T-MLX) and now only two of my partitions from 4 different drives are accessible. Please see screen shot of Disc Management to see what I mean. If you notice five other partitions show in disc management but I can't assign a drive letter to any of them and they show 100% free space. None of these partitions were empty before I changed the mobo. I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit.

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  1. Disk 0 and Disk 1 are IDE Drives and Disk 2 and Disk 3 are SATA drives.
  2. Hello,

    Was Win-7 running in the Basic Disk Partition VolumeLabel 50GB when all was functioning normally? Or was that a fresh installation?

    I would disconnect 3 of the HDD's until you can have Win-7 recognize properly these Partitions. Place the 50GB system drive on the SATA_1 port and boot up. Don't connect the other SATA drives or the IDE drive. The fact that it recognizes the partitions in Windows, but with no DriveLetter questions whether you specifically had a DriveLetter assigned to them on the old MB.

    Check in the BIOS that the SATA is recognized, and it is first in order on the Boot Menu, Boot Setting Configuration Page.

    Then in Windows, check in Disk Management and see if there is a Drive Letter assigned to the other 2 partitions. If not right click and choose 'change drive letter or path'. First choose Remove drive letter, then Assign it a drive letter.

    Report back as to progress.
  3. I tried that and the other 2 partitions still not available and the only thing that can be done to the other 2 partitions is "Delete Volume"
  4. I tried that and the other 2 partitions still not available and the only thing that can be done to the other 2 partitions is "Delete Volume"

    Of those partitions shown on Disk Mgmt, which ones have important data in them?
    Remember when you 'Delete' a partition, you will lose all the data in it.

    Let's see if you can get a letter Assigned to the second and third partition on this one connected HDD. (others should not be connected)
    It should show up in Disk Management as Disk 0, Basic, 232GB, Online.

    On you desktop, start the command interpreter (cmd) to start it, right click and 'run as administrator'
    Then type 'DiskPart' click return. You should get the shell text interpreter DiskPart>
    With DiskPart> type 'list volume' click return
    With DiskPart> type 'select volume 2 (or whatever that next volume 179GB is) click return

    in the "ltr" column if there is a letter listed, type 'remove letter=x ' if no letter listed type 'assign letter=x' probably F or G. click return.
    That should work, then type 'select volume 3' (whatever the 3rd volume 4.88Gb is , and do the same thing

    If successful, type 'exit' twice to get back to the desktop.
  5. Well what it turned out to be was that all of the partitions that I could not access were hidden. So with the help of Partition Wizard I was able to unhide them. But when I rebooted they would be hidden again. So I found that if I changed them to Logical partitions then they would not get hidden after a reboot. So now I am able to access all of my drives and Partitions from Win 7.

    Thanks for your help!!!
  6. Hi Dave,

    Wonderful! Success!
    Keep it in the back of your mind, and if the logic behind why the OS marked them 'hidden' comes to light, let us know.
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