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So I recently revamped my rig with an Asrock Z68 Pro3, i5 2500k, and 8 gigs of Gskill Ripjaw DDR3 1600, with an old 9800GTX still in there till I have the funds to upgrade it. I am using an ASUS Silent Square to cool my processor. When i went to put it all together, I messed up on the thermal paste application, and later found out my CPU idles ~90c. Without knowing this, I immediately set my CPU to overclock to 4.2. When it went to boot, it lasted about 2 seconds then turned off. So I reset the bios and am now running at stock speeds. My question is whether that one incident (and the fact that I am currently running at a constant 90c until I can get to Fry's to get more thermal paste) could have caused permanent damage to my CPU. I have been experiencing random bouts of lag in games (Again this was before I knew that I was running hot).

Thanks in advance for any insight into the matter.
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    There is thermal protection for the cpu that will either lower the speed of the cpu or shut it off depending on the amount of heat and the ability of the heat to be dispursed. If you have any software that you can monitor the cpu and tell you the temps of the individual cores then you can get an idea of what is happening with your cpu. Cpu-z or Everest are examples.
    For it to be up and running is a good sign and the thing you want to do now is determine if all four cores are up and running , because your cpu can still run with one , two , or three cores down.
  2. The lag you are experiencing could be from the fact that you are right at the threshold of the thermal limit of that cpu. You can look in the bios and check what the thermal limit is , it would be in the power section I believe.
  3. Thanks for the response, Inzone. I have RealTemp, which actually confuses me, as it says my CPU is running at ~75c, whereas my bios says 90. I tend to trust my bios. I'm DLing CPU-z right now to check if all cores are running.
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  5. All cpu's these days have thermal shutdown protection. But was your cpu damaged or not who knows. Only testing can tell is something wrong.
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