I need some advice on a computer case.

Ok so here is the deal I currently have an acer case which is from a computer that was simply bought from the manufacturer. I now want to add some components and replace a few. I want to replace the motherboard with an xfx 750i Sli Extreme Motherboard, the cpu will simply be taken out of the old motherboard (Q6600). In terms of a cooler I had my eye on this one

I already have a single 9800 gt so I figured I would just get another one and run the two in sli.

In terms of Ram I have thought about getting this kit but I'm sure it will most likely change if I find a better deal.

So now that that is out of the way it is time for the real qustion will this Acer case do if I want to overclock both the Cpu and Ram. I'm not shooting for the stars, but I hope to overclock the cpu to at least 2.8-3.2 Ghz or so.

So this is the model

I also wish to know if the Cpu cooler I wish to purchase will even fit in the case. If you decide that it would be better to buy a new case then please point me in the right direction. I have been thinking something like an Antec 300 if this case will not do.

Thank you in advance. :)
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  1. By the looks of it, it has just 1 fan. I don't think you want to try OC'ing without a steady air flow
  2. +1, the case don't have enough air flow to OC, just have one fan and maybe this isn't to high performance.
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    I'd definitely consider a new case. The Antec 300 is definitely a good choice. I'm assuming you were referring to the cheapest, $60 one. If that's the case, I would consider spending a little more and considering getting the 300 illusion:

    Some people prefer CM's RC-690 for the same $70 price tag:

    Also, just throwing it out there as I don't usually work with NZXT cases but I recently built a rig using this: ($65 after MIR, if you intend to use newegg)

    But I love antec cases, so that's where my bias and opinion would be :).

    As for your G.skill memory, Ripjaw is a very well-known, well-liked, and well-performing series. You won't be disappointed if you do end up getting them. But like you said, there are definitely better deals out there.

    Lastly, the cooler you had in mind is good, but if you want a cooler for the same price (without an annoying MIR), which is also HDT, I would look at CM's hyper 212+:

    Has higher CFM than Xiggy's HDT. Regarding fit, both Xiggy's and CM's HDTs will fit in all the cases I have listed.
  4. And HDT's require a somewhat different approach to applying thermal compound.
    Suggestions for applying thermal compound:
  5. Wow thanks a lot for that answer vznoobie12 that was perfect. I think I'll go with the Antec 300 illusion. As for the heatsink I'll also look into that one.

    Your the best. :wahoo:
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