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For the longest time since I've gotten my custom computer, it's been randomly locking up. It happens at any time, whether I'm playing a game or simply browsing. Sometimes it goes away but most of the time I have to restart my computer. Then when I restart it, it refuses to boot into windows (windows 7), usually saying disk read error or just not getting passed the BIOS check. I can restart it several times and it will not go into windows. The ONLY way to make it work is to reset both pieces of ram. I have exchanged the RAM and am still getting the same problem. Any suggestions on what I should do to fix this? Let me know if you need more information. I'd appreciate any advice..thanks

I've tried changing the ram, resetting the CMOS battery, changing the slots the RAM is in, REFORMATTING, updating drivers...


OS: Windows 7 64-bit
Motherboard: evga 680i LT
Processor: E6850
Video Card: Geforce 8800 GTS
Ram: Corsair XMS2 x 2 (2gigs total)

I've also reset the overclocks to stock settings
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  1. Well, you've certainly done most of the steps for troubleshooting. The next steps I'd suggest are running MemTest on the RAM (the new ram could still be bad).

    Also, see if there's a BIOS update for your motherboard.
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  2. Full system specs would be helpful. Based only on what you've said, the voltage on your RAM may be too low, or you could have gotten more bad sticks. If the voltage settings are correct (BIOS default may be too low), download and run memtest86+ on it.

    Edit: sorry, missed your update. Your RAM probably won't run reliably on the JEDEC standard 1.8V and needs to have it set higher. You'll need to do that after any BIOS reset.
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  3. There are no more BIOS updates for the 680i. He has the latest version. (friend of his). Also, I ran MeMtest on his PC for 2 hours before I lent it back to him.

    He forgot to mention that the motherboard was also replaced. The only thing "old" is the chip itself and the harddrive.
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  4. i've changed the voltage on my ram to 2.1V and its clock cycles.. i'm stressing it now but i'm sure it wont give me another lock up for today since i already reset the ram.. i'll see what happens tomorrow and the day after.. hopefully this will have fixed it though. thanks for the advice guys i'll keep you posted.
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  5. That didn't work.. it locked up again. If I reboot without reseating the RAM, it gets stuck at Verifying DMI Pool Data ... then i shut down, reseat RAM, everything works fine.. Any other suggestions?
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  6. If the RAM has passed memtest, and you've got the voltages set right, about the only thing left is the mobo.
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  7. Agreed with jtt283. You've got a bad motherboard again.
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  8. so i found a bunch of errors in my event log i'm assuming they're related..

    A request to this device has been cancelled.

    Device: \Device\RaidPort2
    Model: WDC WD5000AAKS-65TMA0
    Firmware Version: 12.0
    Serial Number: WD-WCAPW2662685
    Port: 1

    i'm gonna look into this further to see how to correct this
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  9. You have a RAID setup? In the future, mention that in specs as the knowledge can help in troubleshooting.

    Let us know how it goes!
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  10. i dont have RAID enabled. anyway i fixed that issue by installing a beta update for my mobo..

    still getting the lockups so that wasn't the cause =\ i've tried so many things to fix this but nothings working.. i guess its safe to say that my motherboard is defective -_-
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  11. Yeah, sad news, but I agree it's your motherboard.
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  12. Sounds like a hard drive problem
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  13. Yep, I had similar configuration and similar problem with this motherboard, and I also had RAID configuration.
    There problem is complex.
    1) Last BIOS version required, it is very enthusiastic board.
    2) This board has problems with cooling of south bridge. South bridge and raid controller emits too much heat but cooled only through narrow copper pipe from a chip set, and chip-set has a very small but noisy high speed fan. First of all, replace this one to at least 80mm fan with custom connection to board (yep, that's enthusiastic board).
    3) Exactly the same problem I faced latter because of HDD. They works fine but simply overheats! And the same event log errors, drivers failure, even BSOD following. Just review your case cooling, install frontal 120mm fan.

    Nowdays I have i7 x920 x58 configuration, but previously mentioned PC still works 24x7 as a server for the last 2 years.
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  14. Maybe its the mobo battery.. never hurts to try it, right?
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